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How Call Center Outsourcing Benefits Travel And Tourism Companies

How Call Center Outsourcing Benefits Travel And Tourism Companies

There is no doubt that the travel industry is a growing sector. The number of companies that enter this sector continues to grow year on year. In order to make a name for themselves, many start-ups have started to launch new websites and mobile applications that facilitate booking tickets for flights, hotels and holiday packages. As these companies are ones that depend upon direct interaction with their clients for increasing revenues, many are starting to see how call center outsourcing benefits travel and tourism companies.

Whether you are airlines or a travel website, you get a barrage of calls, emails, and chats from people with different kinds of issues. You can either focus your time and money on this or focus on your business’s core competency and let an expert and experienced outsourcing company to handle your customers on multiple channels. That is the key here really—multiple channels. Of course, you will be getting a lot of calls from customers or prospective customers but the interaction will not be limited to just that. Customers also prefer to write emails to travel companies with various queries related to bookings, reservations, cancellations, refunds and so many other topics.

Let’s not forget about your website chat. If you care about your website visitors, chances are you have a chat installed on your site. Visitors on your site have many queries and can be facing challenges with the navigation of your site and simply need help from a human being. So, you need to have a dedicated team that can handle customers on all these channels in a cost effective and timely manner.

Working with Data Analysis

It is important to analyze the contemporary trends in travel and tourism industry. Through Data analysis, companies are able to study the habits of travellers. After studying their purchasing habits, preferences for hotels and flights and other elements, the companies provide them with relevant offers. When you outsource to a reputed call center services provider, the experts shoulder these responsibilities. It is not feasible to carry out these time-intensive tasks within your operational infrastructure owing to many reasons. Call center outsourcing will allow you to be more focused on your business.

Multiple Channel Support

Both voice and digital channels are used by travel and tourism companies to connect to their customers. At times, it becomes necessary to use multiple channels at the same time. For instance, customers may call the agents over the phone and they, in turn, send back relevant information through chats. It is not possible for travel and tourism companies to purchase costly hardware and install sophisticated call center technology. Therefore, outsourcing turns out to be the most economical option.

Save Time For The Customers

Customers count on travel and tourism companies to save their time. A reputed contact center comes with all the necessary features to save time for the customers. They can reduce the hold time for customers, and if necessary, call them back after finding the necessary information.

Trained Personnel

The agents in contact centers receive specialized training to enhance the experience for your clients. When they seek updated information on accommodation, entertainment and transportation, the agents provide them with the desired information. However, it is necessary for them to receive professional training to support the customers. They need to possess the right product knowledge, along with soft skills to explain the benefits of a particular package to the customers. Outsourced call center for travel will ensure professional services to your customers.

Support On Mobile

Smartphones have turned out to be versatile devices for connectivity. The call centers have erudite technology to provide them with support on their mobile devices. It makes all relevant information available on their smartphones for easy accessibility.

Proactive Approach

Customers are heavily reliant on travel and tourism companies for timely updates about delays, special offers and warnings during travel. The call center outsourcing keep them informed through multiple channels. Being proactive with your customers improves your brand image.

Apart from handling general queries, call center outsourcing can also perform these following functions for your travel and tourism company:

  1. Call center agents help drive sales for your company
  2. Initiate welcome calls to customers that purchase loyalty programs
  3. Managing hotel reservations
  4. Agents assist customers with payment & transaction issues
  5. Managing ticket bookings
  6. Chat with customers to guide them to right holiday packages for them
  7. Support in case of lost baggage

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