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The automotive industry began in the 1890s with hundreds of manufacturers that pioneered the horseless carriage. Around the world, there were about 806 million cars and light trucks on the road in 2007. The automobile is a primary mode of transportation around the globe.

At TalkAgent, we provide service to both the customer as well as the manufacturer of these automobiles, we handle the pre-sale and after sale inquiries which are launched by the customer and deliver information about the upcoming models and also for upgrades related to current models to the customers via live chat, phone / call support and emails.


Construction is one of the basic skills harnessed by humans. Since the Stone Age this skill has been in continuous and ongoing evolution and development. First which was done by hand and hard labor is now achieved by heavy machinery and precise equipment.

At TalkAgent, we not only help your prospect customers in making their decisions regarding the purchase of a property or investing in your project, we also help your existing customers (residential and commercial) with their needs and requirements. We help them through various channels such as live chat, phone support, email and helpdesk services.


In earlier times, humans used to trade goods with each other but that provided them very limited options. Then came the money and changed the market entirely, it widen the horizons and practically gave the customer and consumers an unlimited and never ending mean to purchase goods and services which they need and whenever they need.

At TalkAgent, we take pride in assisting our customers with their financial needs whenever they want, how much ever they need. We work with various prestigious financial institutions around the globe to provide financial services to number of people round the clock throughout the year as we know that a week may have a weekend but needs do not take off days.


Health is wealth, we all know that but how many of us actually consider it seriously and take this saying practically? Health is one of the greatest virtues of life and everything a human does is done to obtain a good and healthy life for himself and for his loved ones.

We at TalkAgent feel proud and gracious to assist our clients and their customers in the field of health care industry. We provide 24X7X365 support to various healthcare institutes in different time zones working with them to provide excellent service to their patients and staff members. We cater all these issues via chat, phone support, email as well as helpdesk support section.


21st century is considered to be century where human race has made major advancements in every field of life. Information Technology and its techniques have made it possible for us to compute billions of GigaBytes of information in just one click whereas it would have taken thousands of laborious hours to compile that information in the previous century.

TalkAgent use state of the art technology to facilitate our clients and their customer. We work with numerous well know organizations in the field of IT to provide the optimum service level which we agree with our clients. Our agents are well trained and equipped to handle all sort of queries related to the IT industry ranging from the basic information to the most advanced level algorithms. We can assist your customers with their sales inquires as well as trouble shooting.


Media has become the most powerful tool in this era, if someone wants to reach masses of people at one time media is the most convenient way to do that.

At TalkAgent, we work side by side with different media group to achieve their desired targets, we help them consolidate and filter information which is obtained by various surveys. We also help them in conducting these surveys and making choices regarding their target market.

Public Sector

We have worked on various government projects across the globe, our service related to these projects are not limited to data collection, consolidation of information, selection of target market, filtration of data, customer service (webchat, phone support, email) on their e-government websites and portals.

Repair & Maintenance

We provide support to various businesses that are in the field of repair and maintenance. Their business models include automotive industry, home repair and improvement, industrial maintenance as well as maintaining the mega projects like dams, reservoirs and bridges.

We help them to generate the sales leads and convey the information from their customer/ clients to the business owners. We also help them schedule the repair along with assisting them in developing the system to monitor the ongoing maintenance on various sites and locations.


We help the security companies to increase their sales, these security companies are not just limited to personal security they provide complete home and office security solution which can be monitored from anywhere in the world in real time.

We not only assist them in increasing their sales but also in resolving the issues which are faced by any of their customers i.e. change in the security codes, software upgrade, troubleshooting etc.


Humans have been traveling from the beginning of the time and that is the main reason of human evolution, one of the best examples of this is the great migration which took place in the early 1900s.

At TalkAgent, we provide support and service to various websites and companies facilitating travel across the globe. We help these websites generate business through helping their customers in booking their tickets and making their travel arrangements according to their needs and requirements. We also help them in checking the status of their travel documents with different embassies and consulates. TalkAgent provide these support and services through live chat, phone support, email support and help desk services.

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