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Take Your Business Online In COVID 19 Crisis: Ecommerce Call Center Services To Your Rescue

Take Your Business Online In COVID 19 Crisis: Ecommerce Call Center Services To Your Rescue

COVID-19 has thrown the planet into a vortex and has had a catastrophic impact on the global economy, as nations are driven into lock-downs on every continent. With that said, there are two sectors that have currently seen the opposite outcome, namely healthcare and Ecommerce. While your Ecommerce website may not have been completely spared from this pandemic itself, the COVID-19 era still offers ways to cope, strengthen, and even thrive. Outsourcing to Ecommerce call center services cater to a great deal of benefits.

Here are some things to look out for, as well as tips on how to mitigate the blow to your brand in these uncertain times.

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Things That Could Happen During The COVID 19 Pandemic

You’ve got to plan for the worst just as in any state of calamity.

  • Mostly pessimistic year-end predictions

Retailers and Ecommerce companies are headed for an uncomfortable year. Since people will be staying at home, they are likely to buy more online. A vast majority of companies, however, expect their Ecommerce revenues to decline.

  • Delivery could take longer than anticipated

Lockdowns imposed by governments around the world would affect drug distribution. Factory shutdown and travel bans impact the supply process of Ecommerce operations. In addition, the scarcity of manpower and the lack of products will impede a company’s commitment to its timetable

  • Health products will be high in demand

Shortages in brick and mortar shops and the convenience of staying at home have driven the public to go to health products e-Business websites. In addition, these increases were reported to be above 100%. Items include hand sanitizers (420%), masks (590%), hand soaps (33%), vitamins (78%), disinfectants (178%) and toilet paper (26%).

How Our Ecommerce Call Center Services Will Benefit Your Business

The experts at TalkAgent are well aware of the recent scenario when it comes to BPO solutions. Our Ecommerce call center services will benefit your business in this Coronavirus pandemic in the following ways:

24/7 Answering Service:

You don’t know when an online shopper wants to contact your business. Our agents are available 24/7 so we can prevent this problem. Even if it’s after normal business hours, your customers can meet each time with a courteous operator, ready and willing to answer inquiries and answer questions following your FAQ list.

We can also monitor your chat channel online, with the option of calling for those who want live support.

Experts in Order Processing:

Our professional team combines the order management and distribution sales with the current online tools.

We will assist with billing issues, manage returns and monitor shipments to assist the in-house workers handle responsibilities. Additionally, we will help callers find local dealers to arrange pick-up products.

Help Desk Support:

When your clients have an issue with a product or service that you sold them, it helps to have a team of support desk professionals ready to assist around the clock.

We follow your support protocols, are able to resolve any minor issues you find necessary, and may escalate the call for more complicated matters to the appropriate staff within your organization.

Ways Your Ecommerce Website Can Adapt

There are ways to bring the website into reliable traffic, including during low times. Here are tips for dealing with inactivity during the coronavirus period on your Ecommerce platform:

  • Business hours update on the website.
  • To reflect supply and demand update the product offering.
  • Share if the group is being given new or extra services.
  • Show consistency so you can set your customers standards.
  • Check out what other precautions your company will deploy to keep your employees and community healthy.
  • Enable your employees to work from home, especially customer support, where possible.
  • Consult with a Fast Scale Outsourcing Ecommerce call center services if you have local staffing issues.
  • Allow bookings and backorders in case your inventory runs out for items of high demand.


The fact is, COVID-19 has not only changed the game but has significantly accelerated the curve for several improvements that were inevitably coming to Ecommerce anyway.

As a company with a decade of expertise in outsourcing strategies, we have driven our clients through a variety of international crises. And the one thing that’s always true is that an emergency is simply a chance to adapt. From flexible job structures to strategic economic power, those who can twist themselves into place will emerge stronger than ever from this.

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