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Understanding Pricing for Outsourced Call Center Teams

Understanding Pricing for Outsourced Call Center Teams

For your company, outsourcing call center can be a game-changer because it opens you up to concentrate on innovation and expansion while providing outstanding customer service. However, it is essential to comprehend the pricing models and variables that affect these expenses in order to completely benefit from them. Everything you need to know about the cost of hiring outsourced call center teams will be explained.

Why Consider an Outsourced Call Center?

Did you know that 65% of companies find outsourcing to be a transformative strategy? According to Deloitte, outsourcing your call center is vital for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Imagine having a team of trained agents handling all customer inquiries and support, representing your brand professionally and cost-effectively.

Key Factors Influencing Outsourced Call Center Pricing

Did you know that outsourcing is considered as a revolutionary approach by 65% of companies? Deloitte says that in order to provide outstanding client experiences, outsourcing your call center is essential. Imagine a group of proficient representatives managing all client queries and assistance, showcasing your company in an expert and economical manner.
The cost of an outsourced call center might vary depending on a number of factors. Making an informed choice can be aided by having an understanding of these factors:
1. Infrastructure and Technology:
Investing in innovative call center technology can decrease expenses, also provides a large return on investment (ROI) due to increased efficiency and satisfied clients.

  • Location:
    The geographic location of the call center might have a big effect on expenses. It is possible to get competitive rates by outsourcing to areas with lower labor expenses. But take into consider factors like language proficiency and cultural alignment.
  • Service Scope:
    The variety of services provided may have an impact on costs. While multichannel assistance (Call Center Services, Email Support, Chat Support) can be more expensive, inbound phone handling is typically less expensive.
  • Agent Skill Level:
    Agents with greater skill levels are paid more. Even while entry-level agents are less expensive, their potential need for extra training might drive up overall expenses.

Operational hours, industry-specific knowledge, the ability to report and analyze data, and quality control procedures are other considerations. All of them may increase the price but also improve the value that is provided.

Popular Outsourced Call Center Pricing Models

There are several price structures available, each with advantages and suitable based on your company’s requirements:
1. Pay-Per-Minute Billing or per-minute billing:
This approach bills according to actual conversation time. It provides flexibility and cost control, making it perfect for companies with varying call volumes.
2. Per-Agent Billing:
Under this arrangement, each dedicated agent is billed a set monthly price. It works well for companies that have steady call volumes since it offers cost predictability and possible long-term savings.
3. Hybrid Pricing:
By combining features from several models, hybrid pricing provides greater customization and flexibility. Companies may be charged more for more minutes or agents beyond the allotted amount. Base fees are often charged to businesses.

Global Comparison of Outsourced Call Center Costs

Outsourced call center costs can vary widely based on geographic location. Here’s a comparative look at hourly rates across different regions:

RegionHourly Rate
United States/Canada$25–$65 per hour
Western Europe$25–$50 per hour
Australia$25–$55 per hour
Africa / Middle East$12–$30 per hour
Eastern Europe$12–$25 per hour
Latin America$8–$20 per hour
Asia / Philippines$8–$15 per hour
Pakistan$5–$9 per hour

Rates in developed regions like the US, Canada, and Western Europe are higher due to higher living costs and labor standards. Conversely, because of their highly qualified labor pools and fluency in English, nations like the Philippines and Pakistan provide more affordable solutions without sacrificing quality.

Evaluating the ROI of Outsourced Call Centers

While considering outsourcing, it is crucial to assess the return on investment (ROI). Metrics including customer satisfaction, first-call resolution rates, average handle times, and overall operational efficiency should be taken into account in addition to cost reductions.
1. Customer Satisfaction:
High satisfaction ratings are indicative of outstanding customer experiences, which promote brand expansion and loyalty.
2. First-Call Resolution (FCR):
Agents that achieve high FCR rates are able to effectively resolve issues on the first call, which lowers the cost of follow-up calls.
3. Average Handle Time (AHT):
Lower AHT is a sign of increased output and more effective call management.
4. Scalability and Flexibility
One of the main benefits of outsourcing is the capacity to grow operations and adjust to shifting needs.

Choosing the Right Outsourced Call Center Partner

Selecting the right partner is critical for success. Here are some tips to help you choose wisely:

  • Define Your Needs
    Understand your business objectives, target customer base, and required services. Consider language support, industry expertise, and omnichannel capabilities.
  • Evaluate Expertise and Experience
    Look for partners with a proven track record in your industry. Assess their agent training programs and quality assurance measures.
  • Assess Cultural Fit
    Ensure the call center agents understand and communicate effectively with your target audience.
  • Prioritize Transparency and Accountability
    Transparent pricing structures and clear service level agreements (SLAs) are essential for a successful partnership.
  • Scrutinize Quality Assurance Measures
    Inquire about call monitoring, coaching, and feedback mechanisms.
  • Evaluate Technology and Infrastructure
    Choose a provider with advanced technology, robust security, and reliable infrastructure.
  • Consider Scalability and Flexibility
    Ensure the partner can adapt to your changing needs and offer 24/7 support if required.
  • Request References and Case Studies
    Ask for references and case studies to verify the provider’s ability to deliver results.
  • Visit the Call Center Facility
    If possible, visit the facility to observe operations and gain insights into the provider’s culture.


you may greatly improve customer service and boost business growth by outsourcing your call center operations to the right partner and at the right price. Carefully consider your options, paying particular attention to price, level of experience, and scalability. Speak with TalkAgent Solutions to improve your customer service and realize the full potential of outsourcing contact centers.

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