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Marketing Campaign and Call Centers — How to Connect the Dots

Marketing Campaign and Call Centers — How to Connect the Dots

Every time a marketing campaign specialist or expert designs a campaign for an organization he gets stuck when they need to define or establish a working or actionable relation between their campaign and the information which they have obtained before it. The reasons are simple: A. Data acquired is not fit for the campaign or B. The marketing department does not have any control over the data gathering procedure. In order to overcome these reasons and to make sure every campaign is designed with proper insight and information we need to work on a solution to remove the communication gap and form a bridge between departments/teams working on these task with the marketing team to obtain and maximize the results.

The information which is used by marketing team to design a campaign are usually gathered by the call centers when they interact with different people/customers over the phone and conduct surveys. But the biggest flaw in gathering information in this manner is the agents or phone specialists who are tasked to gather information have no idea what is the actual purpose of this information and what can be done more to refine the data; hence making it more actionable and useful for the marketers.

Complete the Puzzle

Gathering actionable data from customers is like completing a puzzle, a good marketing expert knows how to create a perfect fit whether he is tasked with creating a traditional marketing campaign or a digital one or even if a mix of both is required. He knows which information he needs to create the perfect call-to-action and how to motivate online visitors to become your customers. Whilst doing all this they also try to stand out from the crowd of thousands of campaigns running online. The problem occurs when they are asked to deliver results based on their marketing strategy as they lack the control over the information passed onto them by the call centers and data mining/collection departments.

Since these marketing experts are not the ones who are actually collecting data from customer they do not have any control over it; and the make things even worse agents who are responsible for the collection of this vital information know very little to nothing about why they are collection the information, what do they actually need to look for when they are interacting with a customer over the phone. In most of the cases the basic information which is required to design a marketing campaign is either eliminated or gets ignored while a survey is being conducted over the phone; Why? Because the staff who is responsible to gather it is not trained enough.

One way of resolving this issue is to train your own staff and deploy your In-house call center to collect information but even this does not help completely as there is always something missing at the end to complete the puzzle and win the prize.

Marketing Campaign—Give Control rather than Taking it!

So far what we have identified and learned is that information is the key to create a perfect marketing campaign but not just any information; Valid, correct and useful information. In order to remove the communication gap between the data gathering team / call centers and the marketing department we need to create a bridge between them. We need to make sure that both teams/departments are on the same page and everyone knows what they are doing and what they are looking for. In order to achieve this there are two possible solutions which can used to achieve maximum results.

  1. 1. Marketing Team trains the call center staff
  2. 2. Marketing Team gets access to call recordings

The best possible solution is to implement and use both aforementioned options together. As training is the basic need of the call center staff and there is not going to be anyone better than the marketing experts to train the staff about what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

Once all the staff is properly trained and they are live on calls, marketeers should have access to the call records to listen to recordings and gather information which is somehow left otherwise. It is something similar to reading in between the lines as being an expert the marketing people will know what they are looking for in the call and they will be able to get that information. This like handing over a piece of paper with music notations hidden on it to a musician, no one else would be able to figure it out but the musician will not only find the notations but will also be able to compose a symphony out of it Or more like a missing ingredient in a perfectly looking meal which only a chef can identify but not anyone else.

In short there is no rocket science related to creating a bridge between marketing team and call centers or how to create a perfect marketing campaign which can also deliver results. The solutions is simple let the professionals handle it and they will be able to do it better than anyone else.

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