Case Studies

Live Chat Support For A TOP VOIP Phone Service Provider.

Live Chat Support For A TOP VOIP Phone Service Provider.

Project summary

A second largest US based VoIP provider company in 48 continental states, which provides VoIP, or broadband phone services to homes around the nation outsourced their sales, technical and customer support to us. We handled 24/7 live chat, order verification, technical and online sales. We assign agents who could handle live chat support with customers, technical support, configuration of IP with the phones, troubleshooting support to customers.


This VoIP giant company needed a team to manage their website’s customer support and it’s sales 24×7. They were lagging behind their main competitor Vonage and losing a lot of customer to them due to inefficient query resolution and declining standards of customer support. The online sales were also on the downward trajectory despite low rates and good quality.


We assigned 12 agents who would maintain support on the website. This included live chat agents who would handle concurrent customers and handle multiple chats. 4 agents per 8 hour shift.


We managed to increase their sales by 50-60%. Client was saving a lot of cost by outsourcing their customer and technical support. The customers were retained efficiently on the site and their feedback was improved beyond set targets. Their lost customers to the competition were coming back due to the packages offered to them. These were discounted Standard and Premium packages with after sale service and excellent customer support.

Detailed Outcomes

TalkAgent was the core team for this client success and resurgence as the main market player. They counted on us to handle all customers via live chat, email and ticket support. Due to outsourcing, there was an increase in their online sale month on month basis. Live chats were answered instantly and orders were dispatched and delivered in 24-48 hours bracket due to targeted marketing campaigns and packages, which were designed in consultation with us.

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