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5 Ways to grow Customer Services using Live Chat?

5 Ways to grow Customer Services using Live Chat?

Customer service is not just about resolving issues which are faced by your customers, it is about making sure that the customer gets the best service from the organization whenever they are in need of any assistance. A lot of organizations are adopting multi channel support considering the rapidly growing online market. One of the major players in this multi channel support is Live Chat Service which has been in use by companies for over a decade. Like any other service live chat also has its limitations along with its pros and cons. Here we are not going to go over the pros and cons of the process instead we will discuss how live chat support can help elevate the customer service standards and meet the customer’s expectations.

Live Chat Service is More Productive

As we all know that a Live Chat Representative can handle multiple chats simultaneously depending upon the product and type of service which is being offered by live chat this number can vary between 4 to 7 chats at a time. On the other hand with the use of conventional support options like phone support one agent can only handle one customer at a time which means other customer will either wait or they will abandon the support line and might never come back. So, in short Live Chat can increase the productivity level of the support service.

Quick Response Time

With increase productivity another byproduct of employing Live Chat Service for your website is quick response time. Since a live chat agent can engage multiple customers at the same time this means less wait time for the customers and a quick response time from the agent which leads to a more satisfied customer. Most of the Live Chat service widgets have a built-in tracker which can tell which page the customer is at and what keyword he/she has searched. By using this feature your live chat agents can assist the customer in exactly what they are looking for which will ultimately help them resolve the issue in the first contact and minimize the requirement of a second interaction.

Cost Effective:

Most of the conventional ways of providing support to customers include high cost of deploying and maintaining the system. But in case of Live Chat Support you do not need to pay a lot. With minimum cost you can yield maximum results which will lead to increase revenue and growth of the organization.

Help In Developing Strategy

Live Chat can also be helpful in developing strategy for your organization to move ahead in the market. Almost all of the Live Chat applications which are available in the market help you gather data about customer’s behavior, search patterns and keywords etc. This data can help your organization’s marketing teams to come up with ideas on how to increase your market share and attain the maximum numbers in their next marketing cycle.

Happy Customer = More Business

We all know for a fact that a happy customer is not just a person he/she is an asset for the company which will not only do free marketing for your product/service by referring it to other customers but also silently help your organization grow. Live Chat has increase the customer satisfaction level many times over the years. Millions of customers around the globe have used live chat support to get their issues resolved and give feedback to companies while doing so. This feedback helps the organization remodel their product and/or service to achieve perfection. Considering the fact that live chat is one of the most cost effective yet efficient ways to provide support; around 70-75% of online shoppers have claimed to find live support helpful and satisfying, whilst doing that they have also shown their interest in going back to the same website which has Live Chat Support.

So, to wrap up we can safely say that live chat service not only helps an organization to meet their current customer’s satisfaction level but also it helps them to exceed it.

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